Welcome to Western Maryland's first and finest kennel (probably) since 2000

Where do we run/hike? Somewhere around Frederick, MD!

When do we run/hike? Every second Saturday of the month at 11am!

Why do we run/hike? Because we like trail and beer!

Upcoming Trail - Special Date/Time for Tour Duh Hash

OFH3 Trail #375 - Tour Duh Hash!  The Tale of Two Monocacy's

Description: Cum one, Cum all for Tour D’Hash meets OFH3 and Hillbilly! Start your Sunday enjoying the middle portion of the Monocacy and all of the beauty it has to offer. After traversing over the river and through the woods, make sure to hit up Rockwell for a beer and the food truck for a bite to eat before heading to Hillbilly.

Hares: Super Soaker, Palm Pilot

Special Full Moon Date: SUNDAY, June 2nd

Time: 10AM

Where: Parking Lot of Rockwell Brewery East (880 North East Street, Frederick, MD 21701)

Hash Cash: $6 ($5 hash cash + $1 for Full Moon H3)

Trail Type: A-A

Distances:  Eagle (runner) = ~4 miles; Turkey (walker) = ~3 miles

Shiggy rating (1-10):  0-6 pending which part of the trial you are navigating

Stroller or Dog Friendly: No

Notes:  1 Beer Check

              1 Shot Check

    *Bring dry clothes, extra shoes, and extra running shoes if you plan to join Hillbilly

ON-AFTER: Rockwell East & Food Truck

Trail on Deck

OFH3 Trail #376 - A High Wheel Infield Party

Description: What better way to celebrate the day of the 2024 National Clustered Spires High Wheel Race than an infield-themed trail followed by an infield party?  Wear your best infield attire and join us for a gallop around downtown and stay to watch the race with us!

Hares: Penis Fly Trap, I Cunt Hear You

When: Saturday, July 13, 2024

Time: 10AM

Where: TBD

Hash Cash: $5

Trail Type: A-A

Distances: TBD

Shiggy rating (1-10):  TBD

Notes: TBD

On After: High Wheel Race infield!

The Hash House Harriers is a worldwide group of runners who enjoy following a trail that runs over hill and dale, through muck and mire, singing some songs, and drinking some beer along the way. And some more beer at the end.