Hareline & Hare Guide

We can't have a Hash without trail. If you want to Hare or want help with Haring, send an email to your hareraiser ichy.h3@gmail.com.

If you want to Hare and are curious about available dates and where we've had trail before so you don't re-use an area too soon, or if you want to boldy go where we haven't gone before, check out OFH3 Trails and Trail Count file.

OFH3 Trails and Trail Count.xlsx

Hare Guide

So ya wanna show us a good time, eh?  If you read the hare guide, this will go better than the last time you tried to show someone a good time...

OFH3 Trail [###] – [THEME – include a fun theme like that you might be able to tie into trail like National Cuddle Day (bring your cuddle buddy to trail!), National Hot Dog Day (on-after will include hot dogs!), Back to School (dress like a school girl!), etc.

Description: [1) Align this to the theme of the event ex. If it’s National Cuddle Day, bring your cuddle buddy to trail, It’s National Hot Dog Day, on-after will include hot-dogs, If it’s Back to school, dress like a school girl! Etc.  2) Include any fun details about trail and what you’re planning]

Hares: [you!]

When: Saturday, [Month, Day, Year]

Time: 1030 Sign-in, 11am Hares away, 11:15 pack away

Where: [Start location and any details about where to find us ex.  Meet behind (address), park on the street in front of X]

Hash Cash: $5

Trail Type: [A-A, A-A prime, A-B (you must plan bag vehicle if A-B)]

Distances: Walker’s Trail [should be 2-3 miles]; Runner’s Trail [should  be 3-6 miles]

Shiggy Rating (1-10): [1 = straight pavement, 5 = getting your feet wet, some woods, etc. ; 10 = straight jungle]

Notes: [think about what the hounds might need to be prepared for trail:  Is there a long dark tunnel and we need headlamps? Will we get our feet wet?  Is there a plethora of poison ivy on trail?]