We can't have a Hash without trail. If you want to Hare or want help with Haring, send an email to your hareraiser ichy.h3@gmail.com.

If you want to Hare and are curious about available dates and where we've had trail before so you don't re-use an area too soon, or if you want to boldy go where we haven't gone before, check out OFH3 Trails and Trail Count file.

OFH3 Trails and Trail Count.xlsx

Hare Manual

At Old Frederick, hares are responsible for beverages at Beer Check and at the On-In/End Circle. We ask hares to take note of attendance on the event page and plan accordingly enough brews for everyone on trail. We also request the hares remember to bring water on trail, especially during hot summer months.

Hares can pre-lay, live lay, or a combination of both. For OFH3 sign in starts at 10:30am, hares away at 11am, and hash away at 11:15.

Please note in trail description if trail will be A to A (trail ends the same place as start), A to A’ (trail ends somewhere close to start), or A-B (trail ends in a completely different area, generally with a ride back to start).

As always, we’re hashers not trashers. Please be sure to work in a way to recover all beer check and shot check supplies along trail. Garbage bags would also be encouraged incase trail is ending in a place without trash cans.

For every $5 collected as hash cash, hares will be reimbursed $4 for their supplies with the remaining $1 going towards the OFH3 kennel funding

Check out the Glossary for marks