“The ones herding the cats”


The Lucky Wanker

Grand Master or Mistress (GM)

Leader of the kennel, makes sure shit gets done

Religious Advisor (RA)

Blesses the hares, trails, and the weather. Leads opening and ending circle

Penis Fly Trap, Nightmare on Ohm Street, and Co. 

Hareraiser & Webslinger

Makes sure there are hares for future trails; updates the hash kennel website and social media platforms

I Cunt Hear You


Hash Cash

Collects hash cash and records who showed up

FUCK, Enterthighs, and Co.


Sells hash swag, vessels, magnets, and wares

Palm Pilot , Super Soaker, and FUCK 

Hash Trash

Reteller of trail stories

Enterthighs, and Co.